Representative Message

I have the privilege of working with the country of India. I visit India many times a year, and each time I visit, I have a great respect for this country, which is developing and changing its shape.
On one occasion, I had the opportunity to visit a state legislature in India. There, I was very impressed to see veteran legislators in their 50s to 70s, iPad in hand, working hard to learn how to operate new applications from young people.
They say. “We need to shift to paperless in our generation at all costs, because in our children’s and grandchildren’s time, there will be no paper in this state legislature.”
Nowadays, we tend to think of things within our own lifespan, but the way they earnestly think about the next generation and take responsibility for change is something our ancestors would have done, but I think it reminded me of something important that I had almost forgotten.
I am convinced that this attitude is the key to creating the future and hints of prosperity.
I would like to make this country more vibrant and hopeful than it is now for our children and grandchildren.
To this end, we will work together to transform the Japanese companies that sustain this country with the services and products we provide.
With this strong ambition, all of us will work hard every day to deliver excitement to our customers.

Willings, Inc.
Toyoaki Machida, CEO


フルスタックエンジニア/Full Stack Engineer

A. Shin-chan



技術顧問/Technical Advisor




ブリッジオペレーショションマネジャー/Bridge Operation Manager

A. Tsuda


芸術系大学卒業後、東京のアパレル企業に新卒入社。人生経験のレベルアップを図りたく、2008年外資系IT企業に転職、渡印。インドで4年の経理事務職、8年の営業職、出産、子育てを経て、2021年Willings IndiaのBridge Operation Managerとし入社。