Ur Supporters (Usapo) Will Support Your New Journey in Japan

What We Do

To live in a different country to study/work is one of the most exciting challenges in our lifetime. However, settling in a new place leads to not just excitement but also some troubles especially you do not know the local languages, culture etc. How about starting your new journey in Japan with our “supporters” who are willing to support you.

Why We Do

The idea of “Usapo” has been brought up in our mind through our service called “PIITs”, which provides foreign students with an internship opportunity in Japan-based companies. Through the experience of helping these foreign students to get used to the life in Japan, we have come to know that there are many difficulties to settle here because of language as well as cultural differences. Finding residence, opening a bank account, getting internet etc these are crucial to start your new life but it is difficult unless you don’t have any locals to support you. It would be our pleasure if “Usapo” helps the beginning of your new journey in Japan!

How We Do

We will match the people from abroad who need help to settle in Japan with local people who are happy to help them (Mostly Japanese who can speak English). You just need to let us know
  • ・What kind of assistance you need
  • ・Where you need the assistance
  • ・When you need the assistance
We will match with a person in accordance with your request.

Example of Our Supports

1: Registration and Documentation

It is necessary to open your bank account, phone number registration, address registration etc to start your life in Japan. However, most of the document is in Japanese. We will send our “Supporters” to be with you to set up all the necessity to kick off your new life in Japan.

2: Commuting

How you bring your all belongings to your new place from an airport? It would be nice to have someone to help you on your first day in Japan.

3: Finding Residence

Finding a new place to stay is always exciting but it would be better if you have someone who knows the area you are thinking about moving. We can support you to find a good place for you as well as checking the contract and other all documents you need to read through.

4: Others

We would like to hear your other concerns as well as your requests. Feel free to contact us from the contact form to let us know more about your need.

Need any help with starting your life in Japan?

Also, we are looking for “Supporters” who can help someone’s new journey

Feel free to contact us more about how to become a Supporter.